The Team

Best Foot Forward Ltd.

Craig Simmons (Project Manager)

Best Foot Forward
Craig is a co-founder of Best Foot Forward who entered the sector to pursue his interest in eco-psychology – the behavioural, educational and communication issues and barriers relating to the adoption of more environmentally sustainable business practices and lifestyles. He has authored several books including Sharing Nature’s Interest on ecological footprinting and The ZEDBook, a definitive guide to creating low carbon communities. Craig is a founding member of the Global Footprint Network and member of the International Footprint Standards Committee. Craig leads technical accounting, methodology development, and directs BFF’s software team in the evolution of Footprinter.

Adam Lofts (Lead developer, Footprinter) Adam has a BSc in Mathematics from Warwick University and has previously worked in software and computing roles within Oxford University. In late 2009 Adam began development on the third iteration of the Footprinter™ software. He continues to spend his time improving this software, working in close collaboration with the rest of the Best Foot Forward team. Adam’s interests are in applying high value software tools to solve real world problems and help people.

Oxford Brookes University

Professor Joseph H. M. Tah (Principal Investigator)
Joe Tah is Professor in Project Management and Head of Department of Real Estate and Construction at Oxford Brookes University. His current research interests are in the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and distributed computing techniques to the development of decision support systems for low impact building design and construction. For more details please see
Professor David Duce
David Duce is a Professor of Computer Science in the School of Technology, with research interests in Web technologies, visualization, computer graphics and digital forensics.

Dr Franco Cheung (Co-Investigator)
Dr Franco Cheung is a senior lecturer of Oxford Brookes University specialising in construction cost forecasting and risk analysis

 Dr. Esra Kurul
Esra trained as an architect in Turkey and her current research interest is in the role social networks play in the delivery of a sustainable built environment

Jon Rihan (software designer and developer) is a computer science researcher at Oxford Brookes University interested in machine learning, computer vision, computer graphics, geometry processing, and visualization.

ZEDfactory Ltd.

Bill Dunster
Bill Dunster founder and principal of the ZEDfactory - a cross between an architectural practice, a product design service, urban designers, zero carbon zero waste systems thinking, and an environmental pressure group that tries to change our conservative industry by building replicable demonstration projects at all scales

ItSoWorks Ltd.

Eric Ostrowski
Eric Ostrowski is a specialist mechanical and electrical cost consultant working through his own company ItsOworks Limited.  Eric has over 30 years cost planning experience and has worked for a number of leading cost consultancies and Client organisations including EC Harris and Unilever.  He has developed and used knowledge-based models in practice including the development and use of data mining techniques for identifying rules for estimating costs from large project databases which can be used at the early stages of a project in the absence of sufficient data.

Design Builder Software Ltd.

Andy Tindale
Design Builder Software
Director and founder of DBS, has been working in building energy modelling for over 20 years in academia and building design consultancies. He has combined his expertise in building energy simulation with an understanding of industry modelling needs to drive the development of the DesignBuilder product.